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Meet the Artist

My name is Megan Gaines Hall

As a versatile artist, I seamlessly blend graphic design and fine art. With an Associates in Visual Communications from Ivy Tech Community College and a Bachelor's in Fine Arts from Indiana University Kokomo, I've honed my skills. I'm also an entrepreneur, creating the board game 'Rise of Reign', showcasing a fusion of artistry and strategy. Through my work, I aim to bring forth innovative designs that captivate and inspire.

Megan Gaines 2022 (1)_edited.jpg

Associate of Applied Science in Visual Communications 

Ivy Tech University Kokomo

Bachelors of Fine Arts (New Media, Art, and Technology)

Indiana University Kokomo

At PenDragon Arts, we believe in the power of design to transcend the ordinary and inspire the extraordinary. We are not just designers; we are creators of visual narratives that leave a lasting impact. With a diverse portfolio spanning brand identity, print media, digital media, and web design, we embark on a journey to transform concepts into captivating realities.

Our mission is clear: to craft designs that resonate, engage, and empower. Whether you're a startup seeking a distinctive brand voice or an established business in pursuit of fresh perspectives, we're here to bring your vision to life. With an unwavering commitment and a strategic approach rooted in market research, we ensure that every design choice is not only visually stunning, but also deeply meaningful.

Explore our services, each meticulously tailored to elevate your brand's presence. From the impactful stroke of a logo to the immersive experience of a website, we strive for brilliance in every detail. Join us on this creative journey, and let's together shape a visual identity that sets your brand apart.

Ready to redefine your brand's narrative? Discover the possibilities with PenDragon Arts.

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