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Alkaline Water

In my college logo and branding project, I embarked on a rebranding mission for alkaline water, incorporating layers of symbolism and creativity. The redesigned logo boasts three majestic mountains, paying homage to the Himalayan peaks. The middle mountain is ingeniously shaped like a water droplet, encapsulating the core essence of the product.

Delving deeper, a subtle yet pivotal detail lies in the discreetly integrated 'A' within the logo. Positioned within the contours of the middle mountain, the tip elegantly forms the top of the 'A,' while the snow-capped summit artfully represents the middle portion. This design element subtly nods to the brand's identity, cleverly incorporating the letter 'A' for alkaline.

The versatility of the logo is evident in its application on flavored water bottles and carbonated flavored water cans. Vibrant renditions and color-coded stripes signify distinct flavors, adding a visual dimension that enhances consumer engagement. The strategic use of bold colors not only amplifies shelf presence but also creates a compelling visual impact, setting the brand apart in a competitive market landscape.

Overall, this project transcended mere design aesthetics; it encapsulated a thoughtful brand narrative that resonates with authenticity and innovation

Alkaline Regular Water Bottle

Alkaline Flavored Water

Alkaline Sparkling Flavored Water

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