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During my time at Ivy Tech, I undertook a significant college project aimed at enhancing the digital presence of the Visual Communications program. The primary objective was to redesign various website pages to improve user experience, aesthetics, and overall functionality. Recognizing the importance of comprehensive information dissemination, our project also encompassed the creation of an informational tri-fold pamphlet. This pamphlet served as a tangible resource, succinctly outlining the program's offerings, benefits, and pathways for prospective students and stakeholders. Through meticulous design strategies and collaborative efforts, we endeavored to provide a cohesive and engaging representation of the Visual Communications program, bridging the gap between digital and print mediums to effectively communicate its value and opportunities.

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Visual Communication Information Pamphlet
(Outside Design)

gaines seperation samples 3.jpg

Visual Communication Information Pamphlet 
(Inside Design)

gaines seperation samples 32.jpg
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